Our new chickens!

For our family house-warming we received some fantastic and very thoughtful house-warming presents! Our Uncle and Aunties family gave us 3 new chickens to add to the flock! We have named them Edwina, Christina and Hunstanton (chosen by a young cousin!). Additionally, my parents gave us a fantastic new chicken house to use in the new run we constructed! Thank you to family and friends for supporting our smallholding ideas : )

Apple Pressing

We borrowed an apple press from our local smallholders society for the weekend. We made it a proper family event with Dad and family friend Alan on the sterilised Woodchipper to turn the Apples and Pears into pulp! We had to be inventive with this! It worked well though and supplied us with lots of pulp to put through the apple press. My sister Tabitha was put in charge of bottling all the fresh juice, then we divided the bottles between us to consume soon! Unfortunately we could not pasteurise it but will try that next year.

Another batch was produced and will be turned into Cider and Perry!

Rabbit offspring



Our rabbits have been at it again!

There is a reason why they coin the phrase ‘at it like rabbits!’ and ‘breeding like rabbits!’ – simply because rabbits produce offspring quickly. This time we have had 5 baby rabbits – including one who is extra fluffy due to angora ancestry!

Katy, The Good Life In Practice x