Product Review: Honeybuns bakery

Another exciting package arrived in the post – a new cake mix from Honeybuns Bakery! A new product now available and it is Gluten Free – so is great for people with gluten intolerances. I do like doing reviews for Honeybuns because the produce is so yummy and moreish so I was happy to get stuck in and test this new cake mix!

I followed the easy recipe included on the tin and did a variation which was also included – The Lemon Drizzle Cake. The mix all arrives in a funky tube which has a vintage kitsch design on it. All I did was mix the two bags together in a bowl, added 2 free range eggs and some butter. Then mixed and popped in the oven. The Lemon drizzle cake called for zest added to the mix (which I did) and a sugar/lemon juice topping. Once added this created a lovely, moist cake.

It was a really easy pack to use and included lots of ideas how you could make the most of it and lots of inspiring recipe variations to utilise. Lastly, I would say often Gluten Free items are very dry and crumbly but this new mix was fantastically moist and had a good texture.

Here is a link to their tasty goodies on their website if you fancy taking a gander:

Katy, The Good Life In Practice x

Broody Bantam…


One of our little Bantams is broody!

She had started to get broody and sit in the smaller hen house by herself. Therefore Dad went to a local poultry supplier and got 8 fertilised eggs for her to sit on. They are 4 different bantam breeds within the eggs – I will let you know which breeds soon. Fingers crossed she manages to hatch some of them. So far she has been an excellent broody mum coming off the eggs once a day for some food and water, then returning to sit on her eggs again. Watch this space for more news on her and her eggs.



The Edible Garden Show

We managed to get down to the Edible Garden Show last weekend – it was fantastic!

Amongst all the stands and stalls there were a number of shows and workshops going on. We managed to see James Wong’s talk, Rachael Greens cookery demonstration and a Cider workshop too.

The location was really stunning – based on the top of a hill with parkland around with London in the distance. Alexandra Palace was beautiful but the driving there and back was a bit stressful being the middle of London!

Also went to the Poultry stand and heard a good talk with incubation tips.

However, we enjoyed the day and brought some goodies for the garden and worryingly more food items for ourselves – vegan chocolate mud pie and a really tasty bottle of salad dressing as a few notable favourites! All in all a good day out!

Hello Sailor! Podges Picture of the week…


Quick picture of the week for Podge the cat:

This week we got a late birthday present from some friends who know us too well – a booklet of cut out hats for cats! Hence Podge testing our the Sailors hat. He is looking rather suave although moments after the photo was captured he wriggled out of my arms in protest!