Great local produce for local produce fortnight!

I am really enjoying taking part in Local Produce Fortnight. We are in the third day of it and have tried some great produce so far! I have fully relished the opportunity to take part and trying new produce from the local area – Norfolk, Suffolk and Essex.

Below is a picture of some of the produce I have gathered to try by itself or in recipes during this fortnight.

This includes Marriages flour, Munchy Seeds from Leiston, local Suffolk Honey and Prawns smoked by Pinneys in Orford. On the blog I hope to include some reviews and recipes using great local produce and encourage you to do the same. Follow on twitter, email or facebook for more news and updates.

Many thanks Katy, The Good Life In Practice xx


Bantams on Bank Holiday…

The 2 Bantams Nutmeg and Liquorice are being pains – both have gone broody! Therefore I am frequently venturing in and putting them outside for some water and a walk about in the hope they will go back to normal. If this goes on it will be the cooler coop system to try.

I managed to get some quick pictures of them looking cute and fluffy today before they angrily went about their business.

Foraging Course with Suffolk Smallholders Society April 2015

We had a great first foraging course with expert Jon Tyler as part of our Suffolk Smallholders Society programme of events.

We had a great Sunday morning walk round a local forest whilst finding and tasting local foraging items including Birch Sap, Beech leaves and watercress. Additionally, we had a fantastic session at the end of the day with cooking and trying the produce we had collected in our wicker baskets during the walk.

We prepared and ate/drank the following:

-Dandelion Marmalade

-Birch Sap

-Birch Liqueur

-Blanched Ransomes with butter and lemon

-Nettle and Wild Garlic Pesto with crackers

-Pine and Nettle Tea

Overall, we had a grand time and each want to try all our new ideas out at home! On my list of things to add to the smallholding is another decent foraging guide to assist me when I head out to find small quantities of foraged goods. Can’t wait!  We will be holding more foraging courses during the year so it would be lovely to see more members!

Katy, The Good Life In Practice xx

A selection of pictures below but I will put more up on The Good Life In Practice facebook page.