Recipe: Simple salad

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Really easy, tasty salad here! I grew all the ingredients from seed and sourced these from Thompson and Morgan:

-Tasty, fresh Nasturtium flowers, different varieties

-Pea shoots from tops of pea plants

-Mixed salad leaves

-Wasabi Rocket leaves

-Chives and Chive flowers

Simply mix together and decorate with the edible flowers. Drizzle with a little lemon juice and olive oil – done!

Thompson and Morgan Blog

I am lucky enough to be one of the regular bloggers for Thompson and Morgan. They have some fantastic seeds and other gardening supplies. I have really enjoyed using the seeds so far this growing season from them – in particular the Wasabi Salad seeds!

Here is a link if you fancy having a browse of my blog on their website or other articles to read:

Sourced Locally Fortnight-Recipe


Sourced Locally Fortnight continues till 12th May in East Anglia and is a good excuse to try some fantastic, tasty, local produce! I walked down to my local COOP and brought some yummy local produce – all sourced from East Anglia. I just decided to start with a simple salad of local food – easy and tasty! I get bored of boring salads so this was a way of me actually wanting to eat a salad and making it fun.


-Garlic Mayonnaise (Sourced locally Stokes)

-Baby new potatoes (Sourced locally Fairfields Farm)

-Asparagus (Sourced locally Middleton)

-Munchy Seeds (Sourced locally Leiston)

-Mixed salad leaves, herbs, dandelion (homegrown)

-quarter tin of sweetcorn

-1 lemon, olive oil, salt, pepper, half teaspoon mustard (dressing mix)


-4 sections:

1 Put salad leaves mixed with herbs in one section,

2 Cut Asparagus into smaller sections. Boil briefly and place on plate,

3 Empty sweetcorn onto same plate. Mix up salad dressing and drizzle on 3 salads so far. Sprinkle Munchy Seeds over 3 sections.

4 Slice potatoes in half, boil in pan. Strain then mix in 2 big scoops of Garlic Mayonnaise. Mix some herbs into this (I also added some Dandelion petals to add colour).

Overall, a very simple salad to make and it make 4 portions; two for pack lunches and two for dinners!

I loved using the local produce and truly believe this initiative set up by the COOP encourages people to try local food more often. Additionally, I can say the Rhubarb I got (local) was delicious stewed served for breakfast with granola and also in a chocolate cake!


Above a quick picture of some of the goodies I brought to try as part of Sourced Locally Fortnight. If you want to find out more take a gander at the local COOP website:


Garden update

Taking a few moments to check up on the garden. Lots of watercress, salad seedlings and Wasabi Rocket growing. Also strawberries in the hanging baskets have started their lovely little white flowers. The Spring Onions are popping up, the Cornflowers are growing slowly and the Sorrel is being useful in sauces. Woodruff has been fantastic in sweet early Summer cocktails and the Chamomile is useful in teas with honey! Phew, all in all a successful, steady session the garden.