Fondue-Swiss style with added tips of the trade

Here is a basic outline to how a Swiss Fondue is done-according to our neighbours downstairs when we were invited over for a traditional meal. Most people would only really have fondue in the winter months as it is so rich and filling so the Swiss are shocked when tourists are eating it in the peak of July! 

So the basic cheese mix is gruyere, emmentaler and anything else you fancy melted in! Added to this is either white wine or Cherry Kirsch (liqueur)-it always seems to be very strong! 

Also Its a common fact that the Swiss would never drink beer, cider or a fizzy drink like coca-cola with this meal due to the fizzy/gasy nature of the drinks. A glass of wine or more commonly a mug of black Earl Grey Tea is served. Additionally, once the fondue is almost eaten the last crusty bits of cheese that have stuck to the bottom of the fondue pot are supposed to be the delicacy and ‘best bit’ and apparently people often argue over who gets these dregs of the fondue! 

With the Cheese Fondue, chunks of bread are of course served to dip in with the long handed forks.

Other things that are common to dip in are cherry tomatoes, mini onions/shallots or cut apple.

Fondue Etiquette: Never put your mouth on the fondue fork and re dip-not very hygenic for anyone involved. Plus try not to drop your bread in the fondue otherwise you could pay a forfeit like kissing someone on the cheek-unless thats what your after then go ahead and drop that bread! : )

And there you go-Fondue, enjoy! …although maybe after the meal don’t plan on doing anything too active!

When we served our own version of fondue following our neighbours good advice : )


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