Weekend cake making session : )

So after our visit back to the UK, staying with a friend in Devon and then lots of travelling back and forth, then back to work for a week-we have had a very lazy weekend! We have been sorting through things ready for Christmas time, present making, cooking and baking!

So this weekend we did some experiments: We made a banana, honey, chocolate and praline bread (great success!), an apple and cinnamon cake (heavy but good with cream or custard!) and Michael made a feta, sundried tomato, bacon and pesto pasta dish-very tasty!

recipe for the Banana Bread included-very easy and you can change what ever ingredients you want-chuck in a handful of dried fruit or nuts, take out the chocolate, add some spices anything!  enjoy baking!

Banana, Chocolate, Praline and Honey bread:

Similar to the bog standard banana bread but a few extras added. (used to make one small loaf tins worth).


-2 eggs

-1 ripe and squishy banana

-1 teaspooon honey

-plain flour

-1 teaspoon baking powder (half this if in alpine regions!!??!!)


-White Sugar

-3 table spoons cocoa powder

-As much chocolate praline as you want! Dark chocolate chunnks work well too!


-Preheat oven to 180’c.

-Weigh the eggs then add to mixing bowl. What ever the weight of the eggs are-add the same amount of flour, sugar and butter to the bowl.

-Stir well, add the banana (cut up), baking powder, cocoa powder and the honey and stir.

-Finally add the praline (broken up into pieces). Stir again then empty into a loaf tin (lined with grease proof paper).

-place in middle of the oven and bake for approx. 45 minutes-test with knife in middle to see if done-give extra 15 minutes if needed!

Leave to cool, out turn from tin, slice and enjoy a chunk with lots of hot custard or chocolate sauce YUM!!


3 thoughts on “Weekend cake making session : )

  1. Thank you re the tip about weighing the eggs and then working out the other ingredients to the weight. I try to buy my eggs from friends who have chickens at Farnham Food Co-op and so they are always a mixture of sizes – it becomes a little difficult sometimes when the recipe calls for 2 medium eggs and I have one tiny egg and one huge egg – I just stick them in and hope for the best! cheers KnitNell

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