Brush cutting and tucked in socks!

So at work today got to put my Brush cutting certificate (gained at Otley College) to good use clearing an area behind the tool shed.

So I donned my steel capped boots, protective gloves, head gear with face shield and ear defenders. I tried to fit into the chainsaw trousers left by a previous outdoors assistant Cameron (USA) but alas he did not have lady-like hips and I could not get the trousers even over my thighs! Anyway, after this debacle I checked the area was clear of all obstacles or metal.

Overall, a hot job but enjoyable and I loved the chance to get to do Brush cutting again-first time on a Swiss mountain though! I came in to the offices smelling of the outdoors and grass!

Some photos of the Brush cutter and I in action-excuse the trousers tucked into socks look though! : )

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