Moving House and Snow late November 2012

So we had the big change of apartments on Sunday (25th Nov) which took a lot of huffing and puffing. Moving house is always hard work and tiring but even more so when you have to go up and down a hill to get to and form said new house! good exercise though! Anyho, we moved in that eve and now have finally got a bit more sorted in the house. Unpacked and partially sorted the balcony-aim is to have a mini veg and fruit plot out there. Using old plastic pots and goods that were going to be thrown out we have collated a good array of things to help us cover plants, stack them and look after them-we even have found some old Swiss tiles so might make a mosaic for a pot! We are really looking forward to having a balcony as our last flat didnt have one-it means we have more space to grow produce and we have some outdoor area too : )

We have our fairy lights up on the balcony all ready for Christmas and are really getting into the winter festive spirit-we woke up to Snow this morning!

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Below are some pictures of the views from the Balcony this morning and of the move : )


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