Product write ups and book reviews 2012

returning to UK for a length in a weeks time, if anyone wants a review or write up of products or items relating to smallholdingcooking or planting pop me an email/tweet         : ) I can have a look at home (UK) then write up or/and return items. Additionally, can put them in next blog post and include photographs.

I have particular close interests in preserving, jam making equipment and chicken products.

I also have an interest in special diets-myself being vegetarian, my boyfriend enjoying local or good quality meat-sausages in particular! and my father being gluten free is always on the look for good gluten free products for me to review and test.

I can spread the word through twitter, Facebook (500 followers and rising) and on my blog, as well as through contacts and word of mouth : )

Additionally, really enjoy new books and writing reviews on those also- any topic from gardening to craft. Send me an email, tweet or Facebook message to ‘The Good Life In Practice’ to ask.

Thankyou, katy : )


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