Guest Bloggers wanted! : )

Calling all bloggers on the subjects of smallholding, rustic cooking, food, crafting, poultry and livestock!

I am looking for some guest bloggers to add to to do a small article with some pictures, a funny smallholding tale or a beloved recipe. It would be great to include a different guest blogger frequently to keep the blog exciting, diverse and interesting : )

If you feel like you would like to be a guest blogger send me a tweet, email or facebook message (TheGoodLifeInPractice) and I will get back to you,

Look forward to hearing from all you budding article writers, Katy : )

The Good Life In Practice Blogger Katy Runacres

The Good Life In Practice Blogger Katy Runacres.


8 thoughts on “Guest Bloggers wanted! : )

    • hi, just had a look at your blog : ) A little article of just under 300 words about smallholding on Arran and growing your own and how you make a living from it with maybe some lovely photos of the island would be fantastic : ) look forward to hearing from you Katy

      • Hi Katy, please find attached the 300 words as promised and some photos of the island. Let me know if you need anything else. When you have published it on your site I would be grateful if you let me know and I can put a link from my blog. I am just off to put a link on my site of your blog. Thanks again for the opportunity. Fiona

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