New Chicken Coop for the girls:

Dad and I spent the last summer making a new chicken coop out of scrap wood and old post to making the fenced in area.

Below are some photos of their new abode:

9 thoughts on “New Chicken Coop for the girls:

  1. Could you tell me what is at the top of the front with the hinges on that you can drop down please, it is right under the roof! It is a very nice house and home for your hens!
    Many thanks, Lynn.

      • Thank you very much for that info, I did work out that the other one was the door :-). We live in France and when we moved over we bought a book on making chicken houses, built a small one and got a few birds. You know how it goes, we then built the next one which was a poultry palace, I built a brooder when my hubby was in the UK, after that it was a chicken/duck house!
        Last week I bought some more hens and another cock plus a house, we have now put those in my friends house and run next to her garden that we share!

        I only wanted a couple of hens, so, we now have 13 hens (including a lovely silkie) and 2 cocks, and my cat Smudge!

        Hope you are keeping well and I look forward to some more news from you,

        All the best, Lynn

      • haha great hope it helped : ) what type of chickens do you keep? The silkie sounds lovely-my friend had one a while back and it looked stunning!

        Smudge the Cat sounds like a great name!-Podge our cat is not liking all this cold weather at the moment-not been outside really! : )

        Hope you are enjoying the blog posts : )

        Have a lovely day,

        Katy : )

      • Smudge has a smudge under his chin. My two black cats had died since we came here in 2005 and Tom had health problems but still lived until he was nearly 19, Misty had tumours in her tummy and she was 8, I said when she died bless her that never again!
        Well, you know what it is like, the house is so empty without a cat so a friend and myself went to a not very nice rescue place and I came back with a tiger and white cat that had a very fat tummy, sore gums plus many other things. We took him to the vets next day and she thought had worms, no, he was starving!
        He is still scared of his own shadow and my husband says that you know Smudge loves me as he like to bite and scratch me as a game, ( I don’t think it is funny though). The place’s he likes best are either on my lap, being cuddled if you are standing and sleeping on my bed, he takes up most of the room though, bless!
        The hens in the first house that like to go over the fields all day are, 1 cock called Dave, 2 black hens, 3 red ones, 1 creamy orange and the white Silki, she brought the orange one up, that is her baby even though she is about 3 times her size! The others are smaill birds but the eggs are big apart from the Silki!
        Then I bought a few weeks ago, 1 very big white cock with a black tail, 4 big white and 2 big black hens! Yesterday it was 6 eggs from the large ones and 2 from the small hens, they have not laid very many since Oct the same as all the hens over here!

        Hope I have not bored you too much, hope to here from you again with lots of news, Smudge is sat on the table as well now!

        All the best to you all and Podge, love all of your news,

        take care, Lynn 🙂

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