Trying to achieve a more frugal Christmas

The festive season is very much upon us and we have tried to do a cheaper Christmas this year to try to save a bit of money and to get crafty too!

Christmas is still very exciting in this house and I for one am far too excited for a 23 year old however, there always seems lots to do in the run up to the big event.

So the tree we sourced locally for free and Michael managed to fit it some how in the house in a recycled pot.

As for other festive doings recently-

+we had a few decorations for the tree which we had collected over the years from friends, family and travels so everyone is different : )

+made paper chains from newspaper to put around the tree instead of tinsel.

+collected fallen pine cones on a walk, dried them out then attached twine to them to hang from the tree.

+Orange Slices-an experiment which went surprisingly well! Sliced an old Orange thinly and placed slices evenly on a baking tray. Then heated/dried in Oven on approx 180’c for 45 minutes. Then took out of oven and left on side for 2 days to fully dry out. Then attached to string and old twisted paperclips to hang on the tree.

+Wrapping have used an assortment of brown paper and Fair-trade Christmas paper (local shop) and done all up with twine.

+made own mincemeat and shortcrust pastry.

All in all we have had fun doing this although it took a while and the cat seems to be fully appreciating the tree-well climbing up it! : )

So a merry Christmas to you all and hope you are enjoying the festivities!


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