Product Review: Honeybuns Gluten Free brownies, cakes and cookies.

Some yummy gluten free goodies arrived by post from Honeybuns bakery! So I tried and tested them with the help of my wonderful assistant who is a coeliac (diagnosed in the last 5 years and missing good cakes very much!)

The four samples we had were Snowyhills Ginger and polenta shortbread with a lemon sponge topping, a ‘coppice cake’, ‘Almond Moon’ slice and a classic chocolate caramel shortbread. All of these products are gluten free so suitable for people who are intolerant to wheat, rye and barley.

First up was Snowyhills Ginger and polenta shortbread with a lemon sponge topping! This had a lovely lemon flavour to it which was not too sharp-similar to a good lemon drizzle cake. The tanginess of the lemon curd made the sharpness of the ginger subtle and pleasant (my assistant is not a fan of ginger but loved the combination!). Additionally, it was moist and had a good mix of two textures-no wonder it won the Great Taste Gold 2010 Award!

Next up was the Coppice cake which is a hazelnut, chocolate and cranberry sponge (Great Taste Gold Award 2005). This was my favourite of the four as it was very different than other cakes available on the market. It was really moist (especially for a gluten free cake which are often so dry!), had a good amount of cranberries and Belgian chocolate chips in it, nutty and had strong complimenting flavours. I loved this one as it was a new concept, original and conjures up images of being out on picnics, the autumn and woodland walks.

The Almond Moon slice is polenta, cranberry and almond (Great Taste Award 2010). This slice was refreshingly fruity with the cranberry curd reminding me of a Bakewell tart. A good mixture of two textures that held together nicely-perfect for an on the go snack or pit stop. This slice was wholesome, easy to eat and filling-perfect for out and about or on a picnic.

Lastly, we tried the chocolate caramel shortbread with anticipation-often these in gluten free form are so, so dry and bland. However, we were pleasantly surprised and this one was wonderful! The caramel made it moist, chewy and tasty whilst the base was a good texture-best base texture and taste by far. There was plenty of Belgian dark chocolate on the top to please chocoholics and chunks of chocolate in it-a real treat! Would love to see a milk chocolate one introduced as well!

Overall, my coeliac assistant concurred that what differed these cakes from so many other gluten free alternatives was that they were so moist and soft rather than dry and crumbly. A real winner in our household I think!

Honeybuns support the Honey Pot charity-which helps young carers and vulnerable children with their futures-there is a link on their website if you would like more information. Also, Honeybuns are also environmentally aware with sustainable packaging of their goods with biodegradable film wrap.

Honeybuns bakery lovingly makes all their products by hand in Dorset, UK. What’s more, they have a new gluten free baking recipe book out –perfect for the cook who has every book! There is a selection of dairy-free products as well on offer. All cakes are suitable for home freezing and they have a wide range of gift ideas-ideal for the coeliac in your family for Christmas! Or to be honest they were so nice get a selection pack and share round all : )

Honeybuns bakery also offer a selection of tasty cookies, tray bakes and savoury tarts which are also Gluten free-a great alternatives for picnics, buffets or family gatherings!  Take a look on:

Reviewed by Katy Runacres


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