Review of ‘Tales from the Coop: The joy of ex-battery hens’

This book is edited by Sophie Mccoy and has contributing authors who provide enchanting and thought provoking tales of their experiences of having ex-battery hens.

I have picked out some personal favourite bits from the book:

-‘Letters are amazing’ and ‘The world is great’ poems were very clever and thought provoking.

-Loved all the simple and easy to follow recipes for chicken treats such as the ‘rugby scrum eggs’, Birdie Bread, Poultry pecking blocks,

-I absolutely loved ‘The tales of Miss Bunty Goodchicken’ really good light hearted tale with great detail on the Chickens character and little quirks of her fame!

-‘Chicken Therapy’ a story from a woman who writes of how her ex-bat hens support her and her enjoyment from them. This story had me hooked to read and just shows that we need and love our chickens just as much as they do need and love us!

-‘Ivy Chickens Life’ this short story about the daily routine from the point of view of the chicken really made me smile and chuckle to myself as it reminded me of my chicken routine and how I chatter on to them about the days happenings!

-‘Weeble’s wibbly wobbly world’ about a severely disabled ex-battery hen who after much worry and vet trips makes the most of life in the free range world. This was really touching and a good real life tale of a rescued rehabilitated ex-bat hen.

-‘The egg queue’ Poem was very apt and true of chickens, they always want to use the same nest box as each other when it comes to egg laying!

The book is laced with little fun and quirky anecdotes, provides details of rehoming organisations and is peppered with ex-battery hen photographs.

Overall, I would say this book is an ideal stocking filler or extra birthday gift-you can dip into a story or two (perfect for the smallholder or busy person!) and for anyone who takes an interest in poultry or animals-it’s fun, endearing and light hearted.

In the run up to Christmas you could even try the brilliant ‘Christmas Pine Cone Surprise’ recipe to treat your feathered girls!

If you are interested here is a link to the book on Amazon:

Review by Katy Runacres


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