Review of Rose and Geranium Soap made by Cyril’s Soap Shed.

A lovely home-made soap arrived in the post yesterday from Cyril’s Soap Shed who use their own fresh goats milk to make handmade soaps.

Wrapped in brown paper and handmade with natural ingredients such as ethically sourced Olive Oil, Rose Oil and fresh Goats Milk these little soaps bars are delightful and smell wonderful! There are no harsh chemicals used but instead natural herbs and natural root powders are used to create colour in the soaps. The soaps are hand made from start to finish including using handmade wooden moulds and hand cutting the soap after it has been made using the cold process.

The goats are grazed in the New Forest and make plentiful supplies of fresh milk for the soap making. The two goats graze freely and both produce high milk yields-one is a British Saanen Cross, the other a Toggenberg Cross. For centuries goats milk has been known to have moisturising and nourishing properties for the skin and be especially good for people with dry skin and eczema.

The Rose and Geranium Soap I used smelt good and lathered up nicely-great for washing your hands after a long days work outside digging the veg patch or sorting the chickens! Also would work well for little gifts for friends and family-or as a small thank-you.

The soaps come in a great variety of scents including honey and oatmeal, orange and cinnamon, lavender and a plain bar perfect for people with dry skin.

They frequent local markets regularly but if you can’t wait any longer for some lovely soft handmade soap go to or

Cyril’s Goat Shed is just one of many brilliant smallholders and craftspeople who sell their goods and produce through Muddy Carrot. Muddy Carrot has a great selection of goodies to buy online-everything from beer and preserves to crafty gifts. Muddy Carrot ensures it is easy to buy green as each item sold by producers on the site is marked with labels saying whether it is made by a local sustainable businesses, is made in the UK, is ethically sources or made using up cycled goods. Additionally, they have a wealth of information of finding livestock to buy, what local markets are on and a map to find your closest local producer and suppliers. It’s a great website so please take a look on




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