Christmas In Switzerland

So Christmas in Switzerland seemed very busy this year and came about very quickly!

We were working Christmas Day (25th) cooking and looking after guests. Sledging and a showshoe hike took place following a large Brunch for all in the chalet dining hall. I made dinner for the evening including the nut roast for the veggies and a Chocolate Yule Log for dessert.

Boxing Day became our own Christmas Day with Podge the Cat at home involving a bit of present opening, sledging on a nearby Alp and also taking Podge the cat for his first walk outside in the Snow-he wasn’t too keen though as it was very cold!

After all the excitement Podge the Cat had a huge sleep involving lounging with his tongue sticking out!

Hope you all have enjoyed a lovely Christmas time and some well deserved time off for a bit : )

So some quick pictures below of our Christmas and Boxing Day.

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