Banana, chocolate, apple and hazelnut cake

I can’t stand complicated baking and where you have to faff around measuring ingredients and making more washing up for yourself so here is a quick, easy recipe which is my fall back for when I have the urge to bake something but don’t have the energy to make a masterpiece!

The easiest cake to use up ingredients in your cupboard and you can change as many ingredients as you would like or need to! It might not look the prettiest cake ever but its filling and hearty for a cold day!

This made a very heavy but satisfying cake which is not for the faint hearted but perfect for elevenses snack, afternoon tea or just with a cup of tea in the winter time as a treat.


-2 eggs


-half teaspoon baking powder



-3 bananas

-anything else you fancy I used up a packet of vanilla sugar, half bag crushed hazelnuts and a few teaspoons of cocoa powder.


Preheat oven to 180’c

1. Weigh the eggs, add them to bowl.

2. Weigh each of other main ingredients to same weight as eggs then add them to mixture and stir (so Butter, sugar and flour)

3. Add your bananas and any other ingredients and stir to combine everything.

4. Bake for approx 45 minutes (put knife in and pull out to see if its baked!)

Slice while its still warm and serve with a cup of tea and a good film : )


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