Good News!

So after settling into our new house and trying to sort the contract we have good news! Particularly ready for the Spring and Summer coming! We have talked to our landlord and they have given us permission to have a small piece of land near the house. We can use this small piece of land to hopefully grow some veggies and fruit in the spring and summer time. I am currently looking through seed catalogues and researching whats best to grow when. Also have asked some local Swiss friends when we can start planting and sowing seeds-the weather here is very, very different to back home with snow being up here till about april/may time.

Additionally, what is also very exciting is the fact we have also got permission to maybe if we want have some chickens on this land and to build a small chicken house for them! We would love to do this and shall see how we get on! If there is enough time and we can make enough space for a run after we have planned what plants are going in then we might be able to get 2-3 Point of Lays to begin with!

Watch this space for more updates on trying to make the most of rented land and property!

Below: A photograph of a Swiss home made chicken run for 6 chickens on a nearby farm. There is a flat roof on the top of the run to stop snow getting in the run so that the chickens can stay all through the winter season! We hope to be able to make a decent sized chicken run and coop for our chickens if we can get a few in the summer.

Spotting Chickens everywhere we go!

Spotting Chickens everywhere we go!




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