Guest Blogger: Fiona Doubleday-Self Sufficiency on a Scottish Island.

This weeks Guest Blog comes for Fiona Doubleday as she writes all about her decision to leave the rat race and move to the Island of Arran in Scotland and become more self-sufficient and grow their own!

We moved to the Isle of Arran off the west coast of Scotland in search of a different life.  We have four children and we wanted them to enjoy their childhood in a truly magical place.  That is exactly what has happened.  Our eldest is now at university in England but the other three are still trundling through home education as they find their way in life.


We are fortunate to live on a ten acre smallholding which we use to grow herbs, cut flowers and willow.  Growing is our passion and the whole family has been involved in each and every stage.  We grow potted herbs for sale in local shops but that is only the beginning of the story.  Our focus has always been to add value to the herbs that we grow.  Using various drying methods we dry the herbs to use in our own range of craft products that are inspired by the island.


We make fabric based scented products using our own herbs and we partner those with natural candles using soy wax. We sell our products at local markets, in island shops and online through places such as etsy.


I also work creatively with cut flowers for special occasions and run courses.  Many of the islanders have more than one job and we are no different.  My husband works for two local businesses and I write part time.  My latest writing assignment is a daily blog for the whole of 2013 which aims to capture what life is like as a mum living on a Scottish island.  Arran is a truly magical place but not always calm as we do get some pretty shocking weather but that is part of island living.  I am not sure we would have it any other way.

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