Tea infused Chocolate cups

Chocolate cup infused with tea : )

Chocolate cup infused with tea : )

This last few days have seen an attempt to try lots of different recipes and new ideas or ideas inspired by others.

This is where my two favourite things combined-Chocolate and tea drinking!

Chocolate cups infused with tea bags! Really easy and a great pud to do if you are entertaining or want a yummy dessert for a night in!

Its a very rich and heavy dessert so would be good to serve with some fresh berries : )

Also, next time I will add more tea bags for a stronger tea flavour as it was very subtle and you could taste it a little after each mouthful.

I hope you like it : )

Chocolate Cups (for 4 people):


300g milk and /or dark chocolate

250l cream

200 ml milk

2 tea bags of your choice (I used 1 normal breakfast tea bag and 1 earl grey for a different flavour)


1. Pour cream and milk into a pan on stove. Bring to boil with the 2 tea bags and squish them every so often to get the flavours out!

2. While the mixture is boiling (stir and check for a good 5-10 minutes),take out the 2 tea bags, then break up the chocolate bars into cubes and add these to the mixture.

3. Stir till the chocolate is all melted and then take the mixture off the  heat.

4. pour the chocolate mixture into 4 small cups (you could even use egg cups for something a bit random!) and put in fridge to set for a few hours. DONE!


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