Bread baking attempts!

I have bread baked before but it has been a mixed bag of results sometimes! I decided to have another go yesterday on my day off and try a few different recipes for myself and my boyfriend to taste. The recipes are from Gino D’aCampos book of italian baking. I have to say it sounded fancy to begin and the photographs looked far too good for me to ever produce anything remotely the same! However, once I had chosen some different recipes and started they were SO easy to follow and do.

I chose 2 recipes to have a go with from the bread section. The first was a ricotta and veg bread twirl roll-which incorporated ricotta cheese and roasted veggies swirled through the savoury roll. These came out of the oven looking nothing like the pictures but they tasted fantastic! We had ours with a little homemade chutney on them and it tasted even better. They would be a great idea for packed lunches or a filling snack for lunchtime.

The next recipe I tried was mini panini white rolls. This recipe was very, very easy to make and made about 12 cute little panini rolls which only took 10 minutes to cook! perfect! I have included a photograph of the stash of these I made as they looked a tad more presentable than the veggie rolls! Also because there is only two of us we could put half in the freezer for another day when we are hungry but don’t feel like baking.

Testing them for dinner time I later had one roll with some cream cheese and salad in and another with chutney and cheddar in : )

Below is a photograph of our stash of Panini mini rolls (pardon the messy dish we had used for veggie rolls too which were more messy!):




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