New Year Growing: Suttons Seeds

So a little parcel of goodies arrived today from Suttons Seeds! A parcel full of a large variety of seeds to try!

The parcel included a care guide too and great instructions on the packets to follow to ensure the best success rate of health and output from your crops.

In my parcel were 13 different varieties of seeds: Electric Daisies, Callaloo, Asparagus Ariane, Beetroot Chioggia, Broccoli Parthenon, Kale Black Magic, Pepper Sweet Sunshine, Asparagus Pea, Cucamelon, Musk Melon Emir F1, Tomatillo, Pea Mangetout Sweet Horizon, Dwarf Bean Mascotte and Rocket Pegasus.

Some are classics, some are new additions to the Sutton Seed Catalogue and some are from James Wongs new collection called ‘Home Grown Revolution’. We are starting to plant some of the early starters inside the house in the warm already in the hope we will have some early crops to eat! We have compost pots inside near the windowsills in the hope that the sunshine and the heat will help them get started!

A few seeds I am particularly excited about trying to grow are:

-The Electric Daisies (supposed to taste like sherbet dip dap and I can’t wait to try the recipe included inside-Mango and Electric Daisy sorbet!)

-The Asparagus Pea (an exotic seed which combines the taste of asparagus and peas together)

-The Callaloo (a Caribbean variety of spinach which is brightly coloured and can be used in the same way as spinach, watercress or broccoli)

-The Dwarf French Beans (a classic and a great tasty veg always better straight from the veg patch!)

-The Tomatillo (a new interesting addition from the James Wong collection-its a lime flavoured tomato with a high  yield-will be trying this in summer salads and fresh salsas I hope!)

These are just a few of the different seeds I received and I hope in the coming months to sow, grow and crop all of them. I will be following their progress and which are the most suitable for the land here, which produce the highest yield and which I find personally the most tasty and the most adaptable for using in recipes in the kitchen. Keep an eye out for regular updates!

If you would like to learn more about Suttons seeds or search for new exciting seeds to boost your crops this year, get old favourites for the allotment or renew gardening equipment take a look at their site:


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