The Swiss Winter: Smallholding and Observations in the Snow

So a lot has been happening the last few months and I thought I would give you a quick update on things I have noticed out here due to the different weather and also how smallholders and farmers cope:

-When people take their children to the shops in the village they take them on wooden sledges in all in one ski suits-very funny to see them on return journey holding some kitchen roll on the sledge!

-All the cows and goats are away in the sheds and stables either directly under or beside the family house. Farmers over winter them here and milk them here.

Its weird not hearing the cow bells constantly after being so used to them in the summer and autumn months. I look forward to them returning to the hills and mountains in the Spring time.

-No gardening can realistically be done outside due to the heavy snow-most people spend their time shoveling snow instead!

-I look forward to the Spring when we can get on our little plot and also can see the sheep in the nearby field owned by a local farmer.

-I have noticed that most people here do not over winter their chickens, as they seem to disappear just before the hard, snowy winter (probably are dispatched and replaced with new batch in spring time).

-I think we shall have to get building some make shift cold frames for our land-to get some veggies started earlier!

-At the local market the stock has changed to more wintry produce-for example packaged and prepared salamis, bacon and hard alp cheese. Also there is an abundance of preserves, jams, liqueurs and syrups available-probably made using the autumn fruit glut.

Right that’s all for now for the winter update! : ) Have included some photos above of Myself with Podge the Cat and of the wintry scenes around us including a BBQ fire we did : )


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