More Stories of self-sufficiency:

Grandma Joan with the sheep on the Nuttery Smallholding

This is my Grandma Joan with the sheep on the Nuttery Smallholding

Auntie Diana has been telling me more stories! Diana was telling me of how they kept rabbits on the smallholding between when her and Dad were older children to early teenagers to make a bit of extra money! There were about 8 rabbit hutches which had 2 or 3 New Zealand white Does who often had day trips to the buck rabbit at Leather Bottle hill nearby! A month later lots of baby rabbits appeared! These were of course sold for meat to a local dealer (named Thumpers!) who collected them when ready and ripe for the pot! My auntie was telling me that they also sold to Brands who were in Great Blakenham (meat and egg retailer). This was where she had her first job egg packing in the summer holidays.

As for the poultry side of things. The chickens were kept in 2 huts. One green tin Nissan Hut and one wooden hut. One set of approximately 100 chickens had free  range of the field up the hill and wandered through the sheep and the other 100 had free range of the Orchard instead. There was a separate hut which was used either for cockerels or turkeys for fattening each Christmas time! Dad remembers that the Turkeys could be a bit of pain when they flew up to the apple trees and would sometimes land on the bungalows flat roof! All the family would have to attempt to manoeuvre them off the roof with brooms in hand before it reached Dusk and the fox came a sniffing around!


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