Product Review: ALLOTINABOX

A way of growing your own whether you are urban or rural! : )

I received a lovely little brown box (recyclable) in the post from ALLOTINABOX. These little packets assist anyone in getting ‘a slice of the good life’ by providing all the essentials to grown your own produce. The emphasis on grow your own is not only that the food will be fresh and local but also the experience of growing can be fun and educational.

My box included a grand selection of No.1 seeds, organic jute twine, bespoke plant tags, a herb  ‘grow wheel’ to help to learn what to grow when in the year and also a cute ‘scrubs up’ soap which is handmade exclusively for ALLOTINABOX. When this package arrived I was very excited as it comes complete inside with cool wrapping paper (recyclable) and presented lovingly. I was thinking that they would make great alternative presents for friends and family-especially if they live further away so you can post to them easily!

The seed selection I got in my box was Rocket, Aubergine, Mangetout, Parsley, British Thyme-these will grow great on the windowsill or on the balcony in the summer time!

I researched the ALLOTINABOX website and it was jam packed full of useful information, help and other fun projects and news. Not so much just a website to sell products on but also a fun forum for allotmenteers, gardeners or people with questions about growing your own. Overall, I cannot wait to get started with this great kit and will begin planting the seeds in the next week-some photos and progress reports to come along the way as we go on our own journey of growing your own! : )

If you would like to get a similar goodie box through the post, give as a gift to a friend or take a browse at the ALLOTINABOX website, the link is here:


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