Product Review: Dorset Ginger Beer!

These 2 green bottles arrived by post from Dorset Original Ginger and I was very keen to try them straight away! I love anything with ginger in and am always on the look out for new ginger wines or ginger beers!
Dorset Ginger is a traditional alcohol free ginger drink, hand produced in the heart of rural Dorset.
There are two flavours available-‘original’ and ‘strong and dark’. The drink is based on an old family recipe and is excellent when mixed with a little lemonade for a refreshing drink. It has a strong, tangy kick to it and was great change to the normal cider or beer. I loved the ginger flavour in both varieties and would love to experiment with the drink-for example heating it for a winter warmer or using it in cooking recipes such as baking tea loaves or cakes!
Overall, the Dorset Original Ginger beer is a great looking and tasty tipple for all! If you would like to explore their website which has some fun cocktail recipes on and also to get yourself some scrumptious ginger beer head over to:

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