Product Review: Fudges Bakery

Fudges is a family business and passion set up in the heart of Dorset. They make sweet and savoury biscuits, cakes and other yummy treats. The passion for their products can be seen in their attention to detail and the fact that they source all the butter, cheese and eggs for the recipes from local farmers. The Fudges Bakery has been a long standing business with its heritage dating back to 1926 when Percy Fudge founded the company.

I got three scrummy packets from them and loved them all!

The Flapjacks hand dipped in Belgian chocolate were so moorish and sweet-we ate far too many over a game of cards with wine! Very tempted to order more of those!

The marmite biscuits. These are savoury biscuits to accompany cheeses and taste really good. The marmite flavour is subtle and not over powering and would compliment a chunk of chedder cheese very well on any cheese board.

And lastly, were the very tasty and infamous Fudges Cheese Straws! These have a nice cheese taste mixed with the layers of pastry which together create a great savoury snack-perfect for nibbles at a party or for a packed lunch box.

All in all I was very impressed with the quality of the ingredients and the care that had gone into the treats-I have been looking through their other great variety of flatbreads, biscuits and flapjacks for more mouth watering happenings!

If you fancy some of these tasty treats they are available in Waitrose, Tesco, Sainsburys and Asda as well as at smaller shops and Delis. They have a great website too which has some great articles, blog spot and information on all their yummy products:

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