Podge the Cat-Adventures in the Alps!

So a quick update on Podge the Cat and how he is progressing with Swiss Life after being flown over from Suffolk to a small Swiss alpine village!

He has now been to the local vets to have his microchip scanned, a health check and other essentials-he was well behaved and silent all the way there and back which was good. Additionally, he has got accustomed to the ever changing weather and makes the most of when the snow has melted for a few days to go explore outside on the grassy areas and the forest nearby. However, there is a local big tom cat round here who is making his life a little tougher as he is a lot bigger than Podge (only a 1 and a half year old ferret like physic of a cat!).

On the other hand we have had both sets of parents visit in the last few months which he has really enjoyed-lots of attention, following people around the pathways outside and showing off using his new home made cat bridge to the flat!

I have included a few photos of his recent escapades and adventures-one being when he decided to venture down the clean toilet-disgusting cat! : )


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