Preparing the Potatoes!


So time to Chit the Potatoes!

Chitting is when you effectively assist the potatoes is sprouting early before you plant them in the ground properly outside in your allotment or garden. The most common way of setting up chitting potatoes is to use an old egg carton tray and place your potatoes one by one in the spaces provided. They should be ‘on end’ where tubers will grow up from-ie sprouting. This should be kept approximately 5-6 weeks inside chitting before being transferred to the ground outside. Preferably kept in a cool, light area.

We are attempting growing potatoes for the first time and worry that we have let our starter potatoes sprout too long before we managed to get time to set them up properly in the egg tray-some of the potatoes have multiple sprouting on the top end! But we are hoping that they sort themselves out over the next 6 weeks. Fingers crossed! We are new to growing potatoes so if any one has some good advice on potato growing and chitting then all ideas welcome! : )

I have been reading up on chitting but am more familiar with the in ground process I feel!

We shall see! : )


4 thoughts on “Preparing the Potatoes!

  1. They will be fine, if you are planting what you have in the photo. In the past it was also common to split to tuber in two, with chits on each side; I have never tried it myself, but it worth an experiment 🙂 Good luck with your spuds.

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