Recipe for Rhubarb, Apple and Ginger Jam:


So I was having the urge to produce a small batch of preserves yesterday but what to try? Berries and plums are out of season so that was a no go-plus plums back home are free in surplus amounts in the right month!

So I have a clump of stem ginger that desperately needed using up soonish and I had 2 apples left in the fruit bowl so I began to think…..Went down to local grocers and found a few long stems of early rhubarb-perfect! I love Rhubarb in everything so thought I would try a new recipe for jam-Rhubarb, Stem Ginger and Apple.

It sounds odd but works with little soft chunks of apple, a slight ginger tangy taste and of course the pink Rhubarb to add flavour and that great texture it brings to puds too!

So here is my simple recipe if you would like to give it a go : )

Makes: just over 3 jars worth (we put 4th jar which was 3/4s full straight in fridge to use in next week or so)

Can store for: approximately 1 year in cool, dark place.


-500g Rhubarb stems (wash, top and tail and cut into half a cm slices along the stem)

-2 large Apples (peel, core and cut into small chunks)

-2 lemons

-900g sugar

-2 big chunks of ginger (slice off peel and chop into small slivers)


  • Put a small saucer/plate in fridge to get cold-to check setting point of jam later.
  • Prepare and cut wax discs to place on the top of the jam mixture before you put the lids on-greaseproof paper works well!
  • Put jars and lids in either the dishwater to sterilise or in a basin of piping hot water. Take out just before the jam is ready to be potted, dry with a CLEAN tea towel and ensure lids are dry too.


  1. Once you have chopped all the fruit and ginger, add it into a big pan and stir.
  2. Cut lemons in half and squeeze juices out of them into pan and stir all together.
  3. Add the sugar to mixture and stir. bring to a gentle boil for approximately 20 minutes. Stir as needed.
  4. Bring to high boil, stir and do not allow to burn! Check regularly and you will see the fruit softening and the sugar dissolving so the mixture gets saucy and stickier. Turn it down and bring back up to boil as needed to resist burning or overcooking.
  5. After approximately 45 minutes you will see the mixture has decreased and thickened. Retrieve the cold plate from the fridge and get a teaspoon of the jam mixture and place on the plate. Leave for a minute or two and check plate for a thick consistency and also a quick taste test!
  6. If all is ready get your clean, dry hot jars  and pot them using a ladle or funnel.
  7. Place wax discs on top of mixture, then place lid on too. Ensure to add labels to jars including what mixture it is and the date made! done!

These work well as presents and breakfast additions too : )



6 thoughts on “Recipe for Rhubarb, Apple and Ginger Jam:

  1. Have made two batches of this delicious jam this summer already, as we have abundant rhubarb in our Eastern Ontario garden. Thanks for the wonderful recipe!

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