Planting Seeds!

This weekend we have been trying to at least plant some seeds to get them started so we have some small plants to grow on and then transfer outside when it is better weather and Spring properly arrives! We are currently potting a number of seeds indoors every weekend in the hope they will begin to grow and be ready for the coming spring time. Also once they have grown a little we are aiming to harden off the plants everyday on the balcony to get them accustomed to the outdoor climate so we can fully plant them outside and have success!

In this last batch I had a great mixture of seeds to try:

Baby Leeks-provided by who have a great selection of seeds and plants! Also I got to use my new paper potter from them too-great fun and uses old newspapers to make free pots!

Some Electric Daisies (edible flowers) to zing up the allotment from who have a great variety of seeds including heritage seeds and James Wongs new collection.

Last but not least my Thyme and Rocket seeds to try from who sent me a great set including the name tags, seeds and a planting wheel to help me : )

Overall, I am very excited about testing this varied combination of seeds out-will keep you posted on which work best and how they get on growing and when we transfer some of them outside whilst others will be just as suited to the windowsill, wish us luck growing!

Katy : )

6 thoughts on “Planting Seeds!

  1. Such a great feeling isn’t it 🙂
    The last few weeks i’ve had cloches on the veg beds and today i may have taken a risk and sown a short line of carrots + spring onions, also put out my radish seedlings all under the protection of my cloches 🙂
    Roll on the summer i’ll be ready 🙂

  2. Hi Katy,

    I hope you’re well and that the moving plans are going well. I’ve got a bit of a proposition for you! We’re working on a new project involving begonias and I’ve been asked to select a few of my best bloggers to contribute. I was wondering first of all if you’re a fan of begonias and, if you are, whether you consider contributing an article or two on how you use them and why you like them so much?

    I do of course understand that time is precious and that it may not be your thing! But if you could let me know either way, I’d really appreciate it.

    Hope to hear from you soon.

    Best wishes,


    • Hi Rebecca, so sorry for delay – have been packing things away and sorting tickets back etc the last few weeks! Thankyou so much for the offer but unfortunately I am not a great flower grower – I don’t really keep them unless I can eat them! : ) Hope it all goes well though and let me know if you have any more posts/blog items you need help with, Katy x

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