More to come…

So just a quick post here on the news this end : )

Lots has been happening with salad sprouting up finally, the new seeds being planted and more to come tomorrow!

Also we have had some fantastic guest blogs recently from ‘The Jammy Bodger’ on her new book and about preserving and also from ‘The Little Smallhold’ about how they set up their smallholding in France. Great articles to read with a cuppa!

Watch out for some more excellent guest posts including ‘Hooters Hall’ were they tell us all about how lambing is going on their farm and additionally from Danielle from East Essex Smallholders Group as she talks us through making her own wool from her sheep.

More posts from The Good Life In Practice to come on baking, growing, chickens and self sufficiency too soon : )

Hope you are all enjoying the Spring now it has finally emerged-the snow here in Switzerland has finally started to melt and we can see green grass again!


The Good Life In Practice xx


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