An update as Spring is on its way!

Hello Hello : ) Or Guten Tag or Gruezi or Grusse for Swiss followers : )

Finally had a proper chance to sit down to let you know whats been happening this end of things! The last week we have featured some fantastic guest blogs on all subjects from preserving to lambing! Hope you have enjoyed them-coming up in next few weeks we have a lovely piece about making and spinning wool from your own self-raised sheep and also a great piece coming from the ‘Flockable Lasses’ of Farmers Apprentice fame. I love hearing other peoples stories and experiences of smallholding on what ever scale so these have been great!

Here in Switzerland the snow has melted and the ski runs have started to close down. This means the village is getting quiet and more relaxed in the inbetween season before hiking time begins for visitors and locals alike. Some of you might remember my pictures and stories from last year all about Ballenberg the open air folk and country museum near Brienz (Switzerland). This is host to many Swiss native rare breed livestock, buildings from every canton from many different decades and also provides a location for rural crafts to be practised  exhibited and shared with all. The theme this year is ‘crafts people’ which means they will concentrate on rural skills such as basket making, spinning, salami making and woodwork. I look forward to Ballenberg opening in just over a weeks time to visit to see all the skills in more detail and the animals in the Spring season.

At our home in Switzerland we have seemed very busy recently in all aspects of life! On the smallholding side we have been sowing seeds indoors, trying to train Podge the cat to go outside more (he is a sofa cat I fear!) and other general tasks. The Potatoes have been chitting for a few weeks now and I have included some photos of their progress. We are putting off transferring them to plant outside until there are no more warnings of snow!

The Romaine lettuce has been doing okay (picture included above) but I think I will repot it again as I think I sowed the seeds to shallow so although they are growing jsut about they cant really root probably. We shall see!

Have been mostly cooking as its been too cold to go outside to work on the allotment area. Have been making jam, making pizza dough for the freezer (for lazy eves!) and coming up with different puds to try at weekends. Tonight we are having Stewed Rhubarb with cream-its in season here now and I love the pink colour! People shudder at the thought of a ‘stewed’ pud but Rhubarb is a tasty one! : )

Also have been making gingerbread cookies and trying different Porridge combos for some weekend breakfast (when there is more time!) such as raisin and maple syrup, apple and cinnamon and random things such as Nutella and hazelnuts!

Anyho, thats a quick update on the happenings here-can’t wait till the sun comes out so we can get properly stuck in to growing our fruit and veg, going to get our new chickens for the garden and exploring the outside a bit more!

Keep smallholding in whatever way makes you happy : )

Katy, The Good Life In Practice x




4 thoughts on “An update as Spring is on its way!

  1. Sensible cat! Today here in the UK it feels like Spring – the sky is blue and the sun is visible, hurrah! Yesterday we could not get warm despite the heating on and huddling under a mound of blankets. It is very difficult to know what to do garden-wise. At the food co-op (FLF) the potatoes are too cold to do any chitting – they are a new blight-free strain of potato and are not rushing to do anything yet.

    • yes he is a very lucky and clever cat to get to stay in the warm luxury of inside most of the time! : ) has the weather got any better in the UK? Here it warmed up a tad so we got out sorting the onions etc on allotment but today its begun snowing again typical! oh well! what are you planning on growing veg wise? How does your food co op work-sounds interesting? our potatoes are chitting well-but I dont think we will be able to plant them out for a while yet-the ground is far too cold,

      Katy x

      • The sun has been out for two days now so fingers crossed for planting later in the week. Recently the weather was so cold the Shetland ponies sent to one of the two food co-op sites to plough the land were sent home. The land is now ready for the potatoes to be planted. Who would be a farmer?

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