Smallholding History: The Nuttery-goats!

diana with goats

So after a bit of a gap between postings on my research into my family smallholding history here we are with a little bit about the goats kept at the Nuttery, Suffolk. My auntie and Dad have been telling me lots more and we have discovered some great photos!

My Grandma and Grandad Basil (Dads side-Runacres) arrived at the Nuttery in Little Blakenham, Suffolk with a small menagre of animals to begin the smallholding. They brought these here from ‘Big Nannys’ place where she had kept chickens, ducks, a black and white cat and a highland collie dog called Major!

More than this they gained a nanny-goat called Maribelle. She was a good example of a British Alpine Goat, having the usual black and white markings. Maribelle soon after arriving produced two kids and proceeded to strip clean the rough track which went along side the field (about 150 metres!). She cleared the area well so that overgrown brambles and bushes were tamed and Grandad Basil then only had to cut down the nibbled stumps to complete the work. The 2 kids of Maribelle grew quickly and were amazing climbers-often causing trouble by escaping into the Orchard and chewing at young buds!

Have included a great picture my Dad gave me of my auntie Diana as a child with some of the Goat kids.

I hope you have enjoyed this bit of family smallholding history, please let me know if you are enjoying it or if you have any questions about the Nuttery and the antics there : )

The Good Life In Practice xx


2 thoughts on “Smallholding History: The Nuttery-goats!

  1. It is great to see how people started out in this sort of thing in the “good old days”, it is also nice that you still have pictures of your family to look back on!

    Keep up the good work and don’t forget to take the pic’s!

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