Smallholding History: The Nuttery: Tractors

Grandad Basil TractorA picture here of Grandad Basil (Runacres side) on his tractor on the way back to the Nuttery after delivering a load of pig manure to a local garden in Often-a village of about 5 miles distance.

The tractor is a Ferguson TEF20, ”a little grey Fergie”, with a Diesel engine. Dad and Grandad Basil went to several farm sales trying to buy one before they got the final bid in on this one shown at a Sale over at Debenham, mid Suffolk. This Tractor was built in 1956 and when it was brought home it was cleaned up and painted up again in the original Grey colour which was still fairly easy to get hold off. The tractor was later sold to a boyer near Needham Market, mid Suffolk.
The photo is from the early 1980s.
Hope you find this interesting-it was great finding these pictures : )
The Good Life In Practice xx

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