More planting progress and a cow market…

The Sun is out and its officially Springtime!

Managed to do some bits in the garden-planted some Mazur lettuce, rocket and Callaloo (brightly coloured Spinach) in the salad patch. Also planted a set of peas in another bed and put a mixed batch of pepper seeds into seed trays ready to turn into seedlings and grow on.

The Leek seedlings are coming along nicely-they are doing well on all the sun they see and drinking up a lot of water too. The additional salad crops we thought had finished have started to re sprout again which is great!

The herbs on the windowsill are growing nicely-they will soon be joined by some french beans that can be grown just as well on balconies or in pots.

Podge the Cat was not much help with the planting process but did amuse himself by rolling around in the dust, climbing trees and eating grass!

On the way to the shops to get some milk yesterday I also saw a contest in the town market place. It was a ‘most beautiful cow’ competition! They were judging many different dairy cows from the local area on their appearance, strength and more. I smelt the contest before I saw it – the smell of cows is back in this Alpine village so it must be Spring! After this most families took their cows then on to their new pastures after being kept inside to over-winter during the colder months. It was a very busy event which started at 10 am and was still going into the late afternoon.

All the news for now,

Katy xx

The Good Life In Practice


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