Gardening Time again!

So the snow is melting and the weather is finally picking up it seems! : )

The Snow has gone and its time to get out there again!

The Snow has gone and its time to get out there again!

Here at The Good Life In Practice we have been preparing for the summer time! We are planning to grow fruit as well as veggies in our allotment outside. We are hoping to grow raspberries and currants but not sure how well they will do with all these birds round here-we have an Alpine version of the crow!

We have been researching getting protection for the fruit bushes and plants in the form of fruit cages-have seen a nice one on Internet Gardener which we will look into. Our Alpine Strawberry plants also seem to be doing well in the raised beds-have 3 lines of them so I am hoping they will grow and create runners too.

We have been contemplating getting some outdoors furniture to use in the garden area. Have been looking at rattan garden furniture (also from IG) as its hard wearing and also at maybe trying to build a DIY BBQ area with some reused bricks. Now the weather is looking positive we want to try to spend more time in the allotment, growing the veggies and eating our produce outside too!

Michael has got all the essentials now for building the Chicken Coop and run too so we will get started in 3 days when we have a day off together! : )

If you would like to read more of our gardening and growing antics so far here is our last allotment post: And includes the most recent news of the local cow market in our village! : )



2 thoughts on “Gardening Time again!

  1. Good morning Katy, why don’t you make your own fruit cover or put some poles up with string going across and put some CDs with string on them and tie them up. Or, put some fleece over the plants. I went back to the UK last year for 2 weeks and the only fruit I had left was the white currants as the birds didn’t think they were ripe! Not even one raspberry! That is not going to happen this year!

    Good luck! Lynn

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