A busy week for seed sowing…

So a quick allotment update!

We are having to start most of our seeds off indoors or on the balcony/windowsill area due to the cold and unpredictable weather. The Asparagus pea seeds are in their pots but will take a little while to get going I reckon.The lettuce seedlings are up and sprouting which is great news so in the next few weeks we should be seeing progress with mixed salad for our dinners! The Leek seedlings have been transferred to a bigger pot to continue to grow before we replant them outside in the allotment patch. The cucumber seeds are in too so hoping they will spring up in next 14-20 days.

Yesterday I planted a big tray of different sorts of seeds from Thompson and Morgan so looking forward to them. I have got most of my seeds this year from Thompson and Morgan and they have been great so here is the link if you are interested: http://www.thompson-morgan.com/

The herbs have been a great addition and we have been using them most nights in pasta sauces, curries and more!

All the news for now, Katy, The Good Life In Practice


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