Chicken paper plans:

Now that we are making the chicken run I thought it would be time to get the originall plans for it up!

The photos above may be a bit small so you can click on them and they should enlarge to see : ) They are plans of the run ie diameters-we have now altered this design and are using more of the post and rail wooden fence which is already in the field.

The house we are putting tiles on the roof part, putting extra protection for chickens on the sides and also making a hobbit type door for them to use!

We have reclaimed the old posts, the wooden big box for the chicken house and only had to buy the chicken wire.We plan to keep a budget book of all expenses and savings on the chicken for the whole summer to see if we save money instead of buying eggs! : )

2 thoughts on “Chicken paper plans:

  1. Leon is busy building our duck run as we speak. All from salvaged wood. It looks a bit ramshackle at the moment but he’s assured me that the final product will be to my specifications. I maintain an architect’s role an he is in charge if making it structurally sound. Good luck with your. We can compare photos when they’re done!

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