Building and reusing

Make do and mend reusing things to make the chicken run

Make do and mend reusing things to make the chicken run

We have discovered a good site for planning your own outside furniture. The Family Handyman has some great ideas on it such as making a tiled table or a simple wooden garden bench – will get Michael to have a go at some of these projects!  Additionally, I have been looking at Bents (a garden shop) online for ideas and they have some pretty metal garden furniture  such as bistro sets at the moment – thinking of suggesting some of these sets to my parents : )  I have discovered Bents website on the Internet and they have a grand selection of garden and allotment gear. We have been researching into getting a couple of fruit bushes from them from online – the blackcurrant and raspberries appeal most to us! : ) Bents is a garden shop which was set up in 1937 and is now in the hands of its third generation! I enjoyed reading their history of how they set up. Thompson and Morgan and Sutton Seeds have great historical backgrounds too, turns out Michaels Mum used to work for Thompson and Morgan as one of her first ever jobs!

aside from fruit bushes we have already planted some Alpine Strawberries which we rescued from the compost heap and planted back in. They seem to have recovered and are growing strong! Elsewhere in the allotment the Mazur lettuce has sprung up and the rocket has shot up.

Katy, The Good Life In Practice


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