Dry Shampoo-a great money saver! : )

So I am one of those people who can get up in the morning but may not look the best! There is no point washing my hair if I am about to go out and clean the chickens, go for a walk/run or dig out in the allotment. Therefore sometimes I just need the go between to be presentable to the general public until the eve when I have more time/energy to grab a quick hair wash! Therefore I use dry shampoo quite often-this is a great invention but can be costly over time!

I have been having a play with different natural products to see which work best and I have found the best formula (makes a jam jar full):

-Half a Jar of baking powder

-Half a jar cornflour

Simply mix together and place on needed parts of hair (i.e. fronts and parting) then rub well with a towel then done! Just as good as a brought shampoo but cheap and natural!

I am blonde so it worked well but I have heard that putting in a few spoons of cocoa powder works for brunettes-sounds weird but it should work the cocoa makes a darker colour and absorbs the grease and dirt the same as the baking powder.

Our jar of home made dry shampoo

Our jar of home made dry shampoo

Anyho, I can now always look a tad more presentable on those quick morning rushes before work, at festivals or heading out into the allotment to make do till the evening : )


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