The final touches to the Run:

So we prepared for the chicken the last few bits:

-Michaels home made make do water drinker

-Make do Feeder

-The perch inside chicken house,

-putting the front hatch/door on

-making the doors sturdier on the chicken house

-putting the bedding in

We hope to then improve on these things over the next few weeks but they are just initial designs and reusing things.

Here is how we made Michaels recycled water drinker:

1. Find a flat dish like plate/plant stander. Also find some small rocks/stones and a PET drinks bottle.

2. Cut a small hole in the side bottom area of the PET bottle. Fill the bottle with the small rocks so they go to the bottom – these are used to weigh down the plastic bottle.

3. Fill the plate/plant stander with enough water to almost fill it. Then fill the bottle with fresh water too (ensure to place a thumb over the made hole!).

4. Place the bottle gently into the centre of the plate/plant stand – The water will stop coming out when its level reaches the height of the hole then will stop.

It will then refill the plate/plant platter gradually as the chickens drink from it.

Katy, The Good Life In Practice


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