The chickens first day out!

This morning we went to let the chickens out for the first time and to check over them.

Unfortunately it was the worst weather for it with heavy heavy rain and muddy ground! you will see this from the pictures below! : )

However, we got them out one by one to check them over for red mite, lice, their bottoms and vents and also to clip their wings to deter them from ‘hopping the fence’.

All ladies are well, fed and watered and wanted to explore!….well Fiona our black chicken wanted to but the other two wanted to stay in the chicken house!

I have named the chickens randomly after the 3 volunteers I was living and working with 2 years ago when I first came to Switzerland. The black chicken is named after Fiona from Scotland, Jeehee (South Korea) is the speckled black and white one and the little white chicken is named after Leah from England. These are now some of my closest friends I met whilst in Switzerland so it only seemed appropriate to name my Swiss hens after them! : )


One thought on “The chickens first day out!

  1. Guess it’s the first time to have a comment on here! love your chickens and it made me so miss that time we had! xx

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