Compost and assisting the allotment to grow:

What is the best and most suitable thing to add to your allotment or veg patch to help it grow? There are a number of options! I have been investigating what we could use on our raised beds to help them out a bit. We have been looking at the different options.

COMPOST: We have been using good quality compost on our allotment and in the window boxes. For those that do not know compost is organic matter (like vegetable peelings) that has decomposed to produce a good fertiliser to use in gardens. I like the fact that it is a key element in Organic farming and gardening and can be made simply in a compost bin by decomposing leaves, cut grasses and apple cores!

MANURE: We haven’t unfortunately got our own ready supply of good quality manure to use but have found good quality sustainable manure on compost direct who seem to have it available in bulk load ready to use on allotments or gardens alike. They have peat free, organic farmyard manure (compost direct) from horses and cattle available. Additionally, we have been thinking about maybe using some of the excess old bedding from the chickens to spread around possibly?! I am hoping that adding to the allotment will improve the fertility of the soil and encourage worms to move through and improve the earth.

MULCH: Also have been researching the benefits of putting Mulch down on the allotment. I didn’t need to use Mulch back in Suffolk to supplement the soil but here in the Alpine region. The weather is very temperamental and there can be sudden frosts and cold spells – Mulch is supposed to be good for spreading on to protect and insulate the plant root area during these times and additionally, used for reducing weed growth on the top soil.

Also have found a great American site called Frugal Living full of how to ideas and DIY projects to save money – including an easy to make compost bin out of a bin:

One of our raised beds

One of our raised beds


4 thoughts on “Compost and assisting the allotment to grow:

  1. Hey, you’ve featured some great tips here to help allotments grow, not to mention veggy patches. I’ll be sure to forward this to all my green-fingered friends! Thank you!

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