A catch up from The Good Life In Practice


Just a quick catch up here from our smallholding – we haven’t posted for a while so heres what’s been happening the last week!

We have been adding extra details to the chicken coop and run. Michael has been down there adding reclaimed wood planks to the bottom of the run and fastening the chicken wire down further to secure it. Also he has been busy weatherproofing the chicken house with varnish and improving their feeder and drinker. Additionally, we checked them over again for any ‘little friends’ as the weather is getting hotter and they are more settled – They are all clean and healthy with clean feathers, vents and bottoms!

Michael has been thinking more about making a table for outside near our allotment and getting ideas from Hayes Garden World about wooden garden furniture. We like the idea of using reclaimed wood and upcycling something that would otherwise be useless or thrown out. I like the reclaimed wooden benches and teak garden furniture and looking at new plans to follow to make them. I love the idea on Mother Earth News (a US DIY and how to site) that they use a reclaimed bowling alley lane for a table! Here is the finished result with their instructions too: Reclaimed wood table. Also found a good book on The Good Life Press website about making lots of furniture out of old wooden pallets.

Elsewhere on the smallholding we have been busy. I have been baking lots including gooey chocolate brownies with raspberries, the chocolate scone experiment and different new vegetarian recipes. Michael is making home made pizzas tonight using my easy dough recipe so that should be good!

The French beans are all doing well sprouting up and almost ready to transfer to the soil. The peas have been joined by some sticks with jute twine tied between at 18 inches, 1 foot and 2 foot to encourage them to climb! The asparagus peas are growing well so looking forward to trying!

The sheep outside have become friendlier with following us to and from the chickens twice a day and leaning in for a head rub and massage every so often! : )

Writing wise I have been writing various articles on smallholding and creating new recipes.

Will include some new photos of the sheep and the plants soon – now off to bake a batch of lemon drizzle cake and a banana bread to use up flagging produce! : )

Keep smallholding and enjoy the day,


The Good Life In Practice


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