Podge the Cat meets the sheep

Podge the cat in some photos we have of him surveying his land! He was fascinated by the sheep outside and particularly when one followed him around the field!

The sheep are very friendly and I introduced myself to their owner who visits them regularly and has sheep elsewhere too. I was discussing with him the benefits of sheep keeping and what he uses them for. He uses them for meat and for their fleece.

I have always tried to put myself off having sheep in the future as they seem to have so many more problems that can occur health wise and need a lot more space to graze. Unlike Pigs and poultry. However, after getting so used to this flock and having watched them and observed them I have taking a liking to getting some in the future! I have been reading, researching on them and their welfare and it maybe possible in the future : )

I love the Suffolk breed and also like the rare breeds such as Soay and Herdwicks. We shall see : )



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