Guest Bloggers: Flockable Lasses

Here is the story of ‘Flockable Lasses’ and how they set up their website and adventures after being part of Farmers Apprentice which was televised last year. I hope you enjoy reading their story and take a look at their website to see more of their sheep farming and about farmers apprentice:

Annabelle and Sophie are two young sheep enthusiasts, who met during the ‘Farmers Apprentice’, a filmed competition ran by the Farmers Weekly Magazine. From then on they became friends with a shared goal to change the face of the UK sheep industry and educate and attract others to the world of sheep farming.  With this in mind, Flockable Lasses was born. By branding themselves the girls have created a following on Twitter (@FlockableLasses), and their website where they feature written blogs and #EweTube videos of their sheepy experiences.

Whilst competing in the farmers apprentice competition, the two girls realised how similar they were and just clicked. They were pushed out of their comfort zones, tested and judged over five days, having to complete an array of farm related challenges. Annabelle and Sophie loved every minute of it and would do it all again if they could. With such positive feedback from the judges the two girls felt like they achieved so much during the competition and left with boosted confidence and an enthused spring in their step to pursue their joint dream.

The two girls found the competition to be truly life changing and since then they have set up their website which has brought about huge interest and opportunities for them; including financial investors, press articles, on farm professional filming, butchery lessons and most importantly a whole new set of contacts offering invaluable advice and opportunities also. The future is very bright for Annabelle and Sophie with a lot of exciting prospects in the pipeline.

The successfulness of their website has made the pair even more determined to achieve their BIG goals and aspirations. Eventually they want to run a sheep farm, utilising every part of the sheep. Producing the animals; butchering and selling the produce themselves. Annabelle and Sophie just established their site in November 2012, so they are aware they have a long way to go before reaching their dreams, however they are truly dedicated and determined young ladies.

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