Sourcing Fairtrade and Organic Food

Okay so I have finished my last day as a catering co-ordinator and have been trying to grow my own food at home. We have a great supply of herbs on our windowsill and have the starting allotment of peas, salads, dwarf beans, carrots and potatoes. This should save us money and also we know where our food has come from!

Anyho, I have also been looking at organic and fair trade foods and where to source them from. I did an article a while back on Bio-Suisse. This is the Swiss organisation for all this organic, free range and home grown. Their website is great and I have used it to find out more about the Swiss way of sourcing food – particularly as there are so many small farmers around the Berner Oberland.

I have been looking at Fair trade. For example Traidcrafts organic food page where they sell a great variety of fair trade and organic produce. I like Traidcraft and my family use it for groceries such as biscuits, coffee, Christmas cards and their yummy Fair trade Geobars! I like Traidcraft as an organisation because of its ethos too. It is a fair trade supplier and ethical food organisation who hope to fight poverty through trade. This means the producers of the products get a fair wage and price for their products, some of the money can be used for community projects and for social reform but also they help to define standards for the protection of the environment where the products are produced. Overall, it tackles fair trade justice and to help small scale farmers get a fair income and the support to use their skills to develop their businesses and communities. Traidcraft is also a founder member of the Fair trade Foundation and established itself in 1979.

We get fair trade chocolate from there as they have a tasty selection and we can source it – the Dubble bar and the chocolate brownies are especially good! : ) Its an easy way of shopping for bulk bits you cannot grow/forage for and you can ensure they are ethically sourced. Even if you just get your tea and coffee from a Fair trade source you can still make a difference : ) I love Fair Trade organisations like this and feel that quite often people do not know enough about them to enquire more so I hope this piece gets people exploring more : )

As for Organic sites I find  Riverford Organics a great starting point to look at veg boxes and sourcing local organic food from. Plus they have a great little cafe and shop in Totnes, Devon! : ) They also have some great recipes from salads to roasts to use your organic produce in. Additionally, The Soil Association is another good place to start. Lots of helpful pointers on organic produce, the benefits of it and news on projects you can get involved with. 


I hope this is interesting to people and gets more people researching where food comes from and how there are many different aspects of it to consider : ) Right back to trying to grow some more here on the allotment too!

Katy x



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