Swiss Sheep Breeds:

Here are just two of my favourite Swiss sheep breeds-good for smallholding and farming alike.

The Sheep pictured to the left is the Valais Black Nose Sheep. It is a mountain breed with horns and a long stringy white fleece. It has black markings on its ears, feet and nose. It is known to be a good natured breed which is also a good climbing breed well prepared for its native surrounding. Here is a picture I took of one with her lamb.

The sheep to the right is the Swiss Black/Brown Mountain Sheep. This is the breed which is being grazed next to our house at the moment. They can also be known as the ‘Jura Sheep’ (a region of Switzerland where they are often found). They are robust and hardy sheep and is a popular breed to keep as it is the most fertile and productive of the native Swiss breeds as it lambs twice a year and is often used to having multiple births (ie more than one lamb each birth). These sheep are very popular in the Alpine region where we are and they are a very friendly breed too!


2 thoughts on “Swiss Sheep Breeds:

    • hi Eddy : ) great to hear from you, the cows are definitely over-wintered for a very long time (roughly dec-april/may) and I am pretty sure the sheep are too – simply because they seem to disappear in the winter months and reappear in april/may time on the hill sides (also I know that the goats are over-wintered inside as the farmer at our old house used to do that with his Saaen goats)

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