Bee Poem: Family History

Bee Poem

Bee Poem

So after talking to my mum today she shared that Nanny (Cutting side) has found a great family book! It has lots of poems, drawings and paintings of animals, birds and rural life.

Here is one of the drawings done by GG (Cutting family) in 1901 so it is more than a hundred years old! The ink, pencil and water colour drawings and paintings remind me a bit of Beatrix Potters sketchbooks. It was a lovely find and I will share more over time.

This picture is a birds nest and has a lovely poem that reads:

‘Birds in nest one should read –
How doth the little busy bee
Improve each shining hour
By gath’ring honey all the day
From every opening flower’
As a smallholding site and having an interest in bee-keeping I thought this one was particularly apt and lovely : )
Thank you to Mum and Nanny very much for sharing this with me : )

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