Water the Allotment

This week I have been looking at how we can water the garden easily particularly when we are out or working.

Have been looking at Easy Waterings  selection of garden hose pipes. They are a business who set up after the founders could not find a good easy way of watering their new garden! : ) A great design of theirs are the drip irrigation systems, also available at Easy Watering and can be handy when you are not in, on holiday or need your allotment or garden to be well watered regularly. These would be handy for my allotment space! : )

Also the Country Living Family blog has a home made PVC irrigation system you could try too! You Grow Girl blog has another design for a home made watering system.

Right I shall get thinking on this!

Katy, The Good Life In Practice


2 thoughts on “Water the Allotment

  1. Hi katy, Method used to great effect by hot ,dry land small-holders ??

    Clasp hands together, go down to your knees on ground just in front of plot and calling on whatever God or Gods you believe in——


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