The Good Life In Practice on Pintrest!

Now I was never very good at computers (I still do not understand them hehe!) but recently I have discovered Pintrest. An American Friend Heather introduced me to it and since then I have managed to get the hang of it!  Anyway, needless to say I now have a page on it where you can find my food pictures, links to recipes and Smallholding inspiration. Additionally, it has lots of collated pictures and recipes from other really good blogs from all over the world so please take a look, follow or repin : )

I hope to expand it and add more pictures myself – At the moment the SMALLHOLDING HISTORY and THE GOOD LIFE IN PRACTICE FOOD are the 2 sections which have original photographs I have taken. Hope you like it – I find it handy to pin down any recipes/ ideas I see for later when I have more time to try them out!

Here is the link to The Good Life In Practice Pintrest:

Katy x


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